3 conversations to have before choosing cosmetic surgery

Everyone has their own way of reaching a decision, and when choosing to have cosmetic surgery it is imperative that you have confidence in any decision you make. One good way of working through the pros and cons is to talk to someone – a friend, relative or even an impartial health professional. Here are just three conversations you really should have before committing to anything.

1. Do you trust your cosmetic surgeon?

Your choice of surgeon is perhaps one of the most important cosmetic surgery decisions you will make. Their credentials and track record are one vital aspect: are they a fully qualified cosmetic surgeon, listed on the GMC’s Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons, and a member of a professional body such as BAAPS or BAPRAS? However, no less significant is your rapport: do you feel comfortable in their care? Mr Sudip Ghosh believes that to feel safe, his Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery patients need to feel able to ask numerous questions and discuss doubts and concerns. They also need to feel confident that their surgeon is giving honest advice.

2. Do you understand what is involved?

It is a natural reaction to close your ears to the squeamish details, and to focus solely on the end result – but this isn’t going to help you on the day of the procedure. In order to make informed decisions, you do need to know what the surgery involves and what you are asking your body to go through.

3. Are you being realistic?

Talk about what you expect to achieve and if these expectations are realistic within the limitations of cosmetic surgery. What do you think will change for the better in your life after surgery? Aware that those patients who set achievable goals are generally the more satisfied after their surgery, Mr Sudip Ghosh will always talk candidly about realistic expectations during your Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery consultation.