Achieving perfect pins – what are the surgical options to fix my thighs?

Legs are an important part of any women’s physique, and one of the parts most commonly brought into the spotlight by the media. Whether it is the desire for longer or smoother legs, reducing the appearance of cellulite or ensuring your legs are as shapely as you wish, women can spend a lot of time worrying about achieving perfect pins.

One of the more recent phenomena to hit the headlines was the elusive thigh gap. For those who managed to avoid this craze, this is the gap between the inner thighs, created when a women is standing up straight with her knees together. It rose to fame rapidly following widespread media coverage and became a symbol of feminine attractiveness, so for many this has been added to this list of feminine beauty ideals.

What can be achieved with a thigh lift?

If you are a natural possessor of the thigh gap, then this is all well and good. However, if your legs naturally contour in different ways, the thigh gap can be almost impossible to achieve. There are however, cosmetic procedures that can help women feel more confident about the shape and feel of their legs. A process called a ‘thigh lift’ can be carried out to help achieve the perfect shape for your upper legs. This is a surgical process whereby fat and excess skin is removed from the thigh area, and tightens the overall look and feel of the upper legs.

Aside from those who aspire for the thigh gap or similar beauty ideals, a procedure such as a thigh lift is ideal for women who are struggling to shed excess skin following dramatic weight loss, or those who are unhappy with their legs due to ageing, gravity or loss of skin elasticity.

Mr Park performs thigh lifts from his Warwickshire-based clinic, and will assess every woman on an individual basis. He will be able to guide on case-by-case suitability and the likely outcomes from the operation. Thigh lifts can have a marked impact on the shapeliness of the upper legs, which can help increase confidence and give women a boost to their self esteem.

Recovery after a thigh lift

In the days immediately after the operation, although you will be able to see positive results straight away, you must be aware that there will also be some swelling and bruising that will naturally take some time to heal. Ensuring you take enough rest and continue to eat a balanced diet, with plenty of vitamins and minerals, is recommended to help your body recover. As you will have undergone invasive surgery, you can also expect to feel sore for the first few days afterwards, but it is advised to try and get yourself back up and walking around as soon as you can, to speed up the healing and recovery process. Mr Park will be able to provide a clear and comprehensive aftercare plan that will be help your body heal effectively after the operation.