Am I a good candidate for a thigh reduction?

The thighs are a classic problem area for many women with fat, and often cellulite too, accumulating with apparent ease. Unfortunately, shifting that fat is far from easy.

Experienced plastic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh sees many women in his Milton Keynes clinic who are seeking a solution to stubborn pockets of fat or saggy skin on both inner and outer thigh, and wonder which is the best treatment option for them.

Can I have liposuction on my thighs?

Liposuction is a fantastically effective body contouring procedure that can be performed on most parts of the body, but it is not suitable for everyone so the first step of your thigh reduction consultation with Mr Sudip Ghosh will be to assess your suitability.

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure so it is not suited for those that are very overweight. Ideal candidates are near or at their normal body weight but may have small excess pockets of fat.

Skin elasticity is also an important consideration. The firmer and more toned the skin is, the better the results you’ll be able to achieve with liposuction. Unfortunately, it won’t have any impact on cellulite, so it is important to take all this into consideration before you go ahead.

What about a surgical thigh reduction?

For those that have seen their weight fluctuate over the years or as a result of sun damage or the ageing process, may have loose skin on the thighs which, combined with fat accumulation in this area, can mean that achieving toned and taut thighs is out of the question.

A thigh reduction or thigh lift is a surgical procedure that aims to remove that excess skin as well as eliminate any fat from the inner or upper thigh area. Although patients are left with a much more pleasing shape to the thighs, there will be a scar that runs from the groin area around the inside of the thigh and underneath the buttocks.

For more information on your options, book a consultation with Mr Ghosh at one of Buckinghamshire cosmetic surgery clinics.