Are liposuction results permanent?

Liposuction is becoming increasingly popular, both as a standalone body reshaping procedure or used in combination with other cosmetic surgery operations to provide the best result possible. Mr Sudip Ghosh will remove the fat cells by inserting a cannula through a tiny incision and then vacuuming them out.

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure and you will not lose a great deal of weight, but Mr Sudip Ghosh is able to achieve much more pleasing body contours and remove any stubborn pockets of fat that aren’t shifting even if you diet and exercise rigorously.

How long will my liposuction results last?

At his Buckinghamshire liposuction consultations, he is often asked about what results to expect and, even more so, how long will they last. The body shape that Mr Sudip Ghosh is able to achieve is permanent, in that even if the patients puts on a modicum of weight, the shape will remain, possibly a little expanded.

Also, it is true that the fat cells that are removed can’t ‘grow back’. So, in that respect, liposuction results are permanent. However, like any cosmetic surgery procedure, liposuction cannot halt the ageing process and there will be changes in terms of skin and muscle laxity that will have some impact on your figure.

What if I put on lots of weight after a liposuction procedure?

A small amount of weight gain will not drastically affect the results of your liposuction procedure but a significant piling on of the pounds will, as fat cells can expand elsewhere to compensate and new fat cells can develop in the targeted areas.

For this reason, Mr Sudip Ghosh always advises his Milton Keynes liposuction patients that they have achieved their ideal body weight prior to their procedure and, furthermore, they have been able to maintain these results for a while.