Can a tummy tuck shrink my waistline?

For most people seeking a tummy tuck, the focus of their discontent is the loose skin around their belly button, or the paunch that simply won’t shift, however many ab crunches they do. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can be a very effective way of improving the profile of your abdomen: by repositioning and tightening the abdominal muscles and removing excess skin, what was unsightly can be made to look toned and taut.

Liposuction is one option

A reduced waist is not the primary objective of an abdominoplasty. However, when your tummy tuck surgeon tightens your abdominal muscles everything becomes smoother and tauter – and a common result is a decreased belly button to spine measurement. The adjustment to your waistline will largely be due to this muscle tightening but your individual anatomy will also dictate how much can be achieved. It may be appropriate to have simultaneous liposuction on the flanks to create those desirable hourglass curves. During your Coventry tummy tuck consultation, Mr Alan Park will talk you through your options and the whole procedure in detail, explaining both its potential risks and its limitations, before tailoring a surgical plan to your individual requirements.

What are your expectations?

For anyone undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, having realistic expectations is essential to a satisfied outcome: cosmetic surgeon Mr Park has noted that those patients who have embarked on their tummy tuck journey with attainable goals in mind are, on the whole, significantly happier with the final results. To this end, Mr Park will ask you about your motivations for and expectations of surgery during your consultation. He will stress that while a tummy tuck can produce some beautiful, natural-looking changes to your silhouette, it has limitations; he will be clear and candid about the extent to which your shape can be improved.