Can liposuction treat bingo wings on upper arms?

The term ‘bingo wings’ is the comical name given to excess skin on the upper arms. The ‘wings’ result from arm laxity, whereby the skin sags underneath the upper arms and can look unsightly, and it is a common complaint that can affect men or women. Causes of excess skin in the underneath of the bicep area can often be as a result of significant weight loss, which leaves individuals with an abundance of loose fitting skin.

What are my options for removing my bingo wings?

Aside from regularly exercising the affected area, which is an important first step to explore, there are a number of surgical procedures available that can help minimise the ‘winged’ look, and help restore confidence to those who are suffering with this condition.

Surgeons can perform a ‘brachioplasty’ (which is also known as an ‘upper arm lift’). This type of procedure can be performed in full, or in a mini-version, although the process can cause discomfort for the patient, as it leave some degree of scarring down the inside of the arms. The size of the scar depends on whether the operation is performed partially or in full, but either route leaves a lengthy healing process for the patient.

The other option, which is recommended as a route for those suffering with just moderate bingo wings, is liposuction in the affected area. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that targets stubborn fat cells that are not shifting through diet or exercise.

Although this can be very effective for some, the challenge with using a technique such as liposuction is that it will remove fat, but will not be able to target the excess skin. So it is important to talk to your surgeon to understand whether the cause of your bingo wings is something that can be treated with a fat-reduction technique.

Doubling up

Depending on the nature of your bingo wings, your age and the amount of arm laxity that you have, some people may wish to consider coupling these treatments, and having a course of liposuction to remove the fat, followed by an arm lift to tackle the excess skin.

Each case will be considered on an individual basis, so for further information about what type of treatment would be most effective for your own personal circumstances, Leamington Spa cosmetic surgeon Mr Alan Park will be able to talk you though all the available options, and help you weight up the pros and cons of each so that you are able to make a fully informed decision about the best steps for you.