How can I make safe cosmetic surgery choices?

Having cosmetic surgery can be a very positive experience. Done for the right reasons and in the best hands, the results can simultaneously look beautifully natural and give your self-esteem a significant boost. However, if in the wrong hands and done for the wrong reasons, it can leave the patient feeling vulnerable. Here are four tips from Milton Keynes-based cosmetic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh to make your decisions safe and confident ones.

1. Do your research.

By knowing what to expect and what the procedure involves, you can better make decisions about whether it is the right thing for you. Make a list of any questions you want answered by your surgeon and take it to your cosmetic surgery consultation.

2. Understand your own motivations.

Now is the time to do a bit of soul searching and ask yourself why you want to have surgery and what you think it is going to change. It is not uncommon for people to feel that cosmetic surgery will completely transform the way they look and, in doing so, will put right all that is amiss in their world. However, realistic expectations are essential to a happy outcome – so make sure you are being honest with yourself.

3. Choose your cosmetic surgeon with care.

Find a surgeon in whose surgical skill you have full confidence. Check they are on the GMC’s Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons and that they operate in clinics that have been approved by the CQC. Ask, too, if they are a member of a prestigious professional body such as BAAPS or BAPRAS. You will also want them to have an artistic eye, an impressive portfolio of before and after photos, and to feel comfortable in their care.

4. Don’t be hurried into making a decision.

Mr Ghosh will never put pressure on you to make a decision about your cosmetic surgery. Allow yourself time, and make sure that the final decision is yours – and yours alone.