How can I preserve the results of my post weight-loss surgery?

After losing a significant amount of weight, be it through surgery or a radical diet and exercise programme, people require surgical action to address resulting loose skin. Patients who have had their post weight-loss surgery under the care of Milton Keynes surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh, know that the slimmer, trimmer results were hard won – and are eager to know how they can preserve the outcomes for as long as possible. Here are four key pieces of advice:

1. Maintain a stable weight.

Fluctuations in weight stretch the skin; elastin allows the skin to stretch and shrink but as we age the skin loses its ability to ping back to a tauter form. Keeping your weight at a steady level is the single most effective way to keep the results created by your surgeon.

2. Follow your post-op instructions.

When you are sent home after your post weight-loss surgery, your surgeon will give you a set of aftercare instructions, detailing which movements you should avoid and for how long in order not to put undue pressure on healing muscles and wounds. Mr Ghosh advises his Milton Keynes patients to wear special compression garments for up to six weeks after surgery to optimise the healing and, ultimately, the aesthetic outcomes.

3. Have realistic expectations.

Know what you are getting into and what you can expect and you are more likely to be satisfied with the results of your post weight-loss surgery and committed to keeping them. Disillusionment can sometimes lead to a patient unconsciously sabotaging their success by putting on weight again.

4. Give yourself time.

Post weight-loss surgery can have transformative results, restoring confidence that seems lost for good – but it does make physical and emotional demands. Don’t rush into or through surgery and give yourself time and space to heal afterwards. Thorough healing leads to longer-term enjoyment of the results.