How do I find a cosmetic surgeon?

If you’ve spent many years being dissatisfied with a particular feature of your face and body and you’ve come to the decision to do something about it, the first step is to find your cosmetic surgeon.

There are a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures aimed at enhancing or improving the face and/or body, but knowing exactly what is best for you can be a minefield. It is always advisable to do your research, but it is best to have a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon who will be able to assess both your physical needs and also your expectations to ensure they are realistic.

Buckinghamshire-based plastic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh offers comprehensive consultations where you have all the time you need to ask questions and find out all you need to know both about Mr Ghosh’s cosmetic surgery experience and the procedure that he thinks will be most suitable.

During your consultation at one of Mr Ghosh’s Just Cosmetic Surgery clinics in Milton Keynes or the surrounding area, he will also assess your suitability, both physically and mentally, before he will make the decision to go ahead.

Finding a cosmetic surgeon

Local is usually best. Hopefully, there should be no issues that arise from your procedure, but every surgical operation that involves a general anaesthetic and an incision holds the potential for complications and side effects. Choosing a local cosmetic surgeon, particularly one that holds a consultant-level position in your local NHS trust, means that they are close at hand if there are any problems and you get the best care immediately.

Exceptions to this could be a specialist plastic surgeon that has more experience or expertise in the plastic surgery procedure you are contemplating.

How do I get recommendations for a cosmetic surgeon?

Getting a personal recommendation from a friend or family member who has undergone the same procedure as you is the best indication of what to expect. However, many men and women are less keen to talk about which cosmetic surgery procedure they have undergone.

Another option could be to ask the advice of your GP. They know your medical history and will also be aware of consultant surgeons in the local area offering procedures that may be suitable for you.