How long should swelling and numbness last after a facelift?

One of the first questions patients ask when considering any type of operation is how quickly they can expect to recover once the procedure has taken place. Although this depends very much on the individual, how healthy they are and how resilient the skin is in the affected area, surgeons will be able to give you a rough idea of the recovery time for most standard operations.

How long is the healing process after a facelift?

One of the operations offered by Mr Sudip Ghosh is a facelift, which involves making small incisions to the hair and within the hairline in order to remove excess skin. Once the incision has been made, skin and tissues underneath are lifted up as far as possible, to combat the effect of excess ‘droopy’ skin. The result of this type of operation is that it can make patients look and feel younger, and more confident.

Surgeons typically recommend that the healing time after having undergone a facelift is around 6 to 8 weeks. You’ll find that the healing process progresses bit by bit each week, although the first couple of weeks are when the changes are most noticeable. After the first week or so, make up can be applied to the face and can mask any underlying bruising, which will naturally take a while longer to heal. Many patients start noticing a marked improvement in their facial features after the first week and a half to two weeks, when swelling starts to go down and the face starts to return to its pre-operation outline.

The numbness that many experience is caused because the procedure separates small facial nerves that live under the skin, which will gradually grow back in the weeks following the operation. This takes time, so don’t panic if it is several weeks before you start to feel any improvements with returning sensation in affected areas.

The important thing to remember with facial swelling after the operation is that it often feels worse than it actually looks. Your face is a very delicate area, and anything that makes it feel out of sorts can feel disproportionally swollen, and a lot less noticeable to others.

Can I expect any side effects?

On occasions, there are unexpected side effects during the healing process that you will need to keep an eye out for. Sometimes patients can experience bleeding around the site of the incisions, and bruising is inevitable. Occasionally the incision site can become infected, and if you suspect that this has happened then it is important to seek medical advice quickly. Occasionally you may experience hair loss around the incision site too, as the hair follicles are reacting to the ‘trauma’ that has been inflected in that area.

How will I feel after a facelift?

Once the swelling and numbness has resided, many patients are very happy with the results of their face lift. The procedure has a proven track record in restoring youthfulness to the face, and the results are long-standing, typically lasting around 10 years.