How to banish bingo wings

A procedure that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the brachioplasty, also known as arm reduction, arm lift, or bingo wing surgery. This cosmetic surgery operation aims to remove excess skin on the upper arms to produce tauter and more youthful-looking arms.

Leamington-based plastic surgeon Mr Alan Park has seen a rise in women seeking this procedure at Just Cosmetic Surgery, as even very slim women find this a problem area as over time the skin becomes lax and less toned and this area responds less well to exercise.

Arm Lift/Reduction: What to expect?

The extent of the procedure very much depends on the degree of the problem and what you wish to achieve and Mr Alan Park will discuss this in depth with you at your Warwickshire brachioplasty consultation.

The incision will either be made into the armpit or may need to be much longer, running right down to inside the elbow. Excess skin is then removed and the remaining skin pulled tighter before Mr Park closes the incision with dissolvable stitches.

The procedure generally takes one to two hours and it is performed under a general anaesthetic so you will stay in hospital for one night.

Arm Lift/Reduction: What are the downsides?

The most important factor to discuss in your consultation for an arm lift is the scar. Unlike other surgical procedures, it is less easy to ‘hide’ the scar on the upper arm, particularly if the incision extends from the armpit to the elbow. However, you should see the scar fade and flatten greatly over the months following your procedure.

Most women Mr Alan Park sees at his Leamington cosmetic surgery practice are happy to accept the scar in exchange for a greatly improved shape to the upper arms and the ability to wear clothes that previously they wouldn’t have felt comfortable wearing.

An arm lift procedure will not stop the ageing process so you may see changes over the years and, obviously, it is important to maintain a steady weight. To learn more about the arm lift procedure, book a consultation at one of Mr Alan Park’s Warwickshire clinics by calling 0845 304 7083.