Introducing the facelift alternative

At Just Cosmetic Surgery we perform a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, but we also offer various non-surgical procedures. Combined, these procedure can now offer a viable alternative to conventional plastic surgery for a certain sector of patients.

The ideal non-surgical facelift patient

Good patient selection is crucial for the non-surgical facelift. It is suitable for a younger patient sector that might have started to see the signs of ageing, such as lines or folds around the eyes and mouth and loss of volume in the mid-face, but do not yet have very sagging skin. For older patients with a large degree of excess, sagging skin then a surgical facelift is usually a far better option.

However, by seeing a plastic surgeon with the experience and ability as Leamington-based Mr Alan Park then you can be confident that you will be recommended the right procedure for you.

What does the non-surgical facelift entail?

The aesthetic treatments that are often combined in a non-surgical facelift include the following:

Skin peels; also known as chemical peels, this very popular procedure removes dead skin cells from the surface of the dermis through the application of a chemical solution that is left on the skin for a prescribed amount of time. It can produce an immediate rejuvenating effect as fresh new skin is revealed and it can target fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation problems and acne scarring.

Anti-wrinkle injections; this procedure, also known as muscle relaxing injections, is the most popular aesthetic treatment worldwide. Leamington-based plastic surgeon Mr Alan Park will inject botulinum toxin or Botox into dynamic wrinkles which are caused by the movement of muscles beneath the skin. This causes the muscles to freeze temporarily, smoothing the overlying skin.

Dermal fillers; for an immediate rejuvenating effect, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can address a number of ageing concerns. This includes loss of volume in the mid-face and in the lips as well as targeting deeper folds around the nose and mouth.

As a consultant plastic surgeon, it is very important to Mr Alan Park that any non-surgical procedures he offers, are predictable, effective and able to fulfil the expectations of his patients. If you’re interested in learning more about the non-surgical alternatives call 0845 304 7083 to book a consultation at one of Mr Alan Park’s Warwickshire clinics.