I’ve made the decision to have cosmetic surgery – how do I find the best cosmetic surgeon?

cosmeticsurgeryThe decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is not one that most people will take lightly. You will no doubt have read extensively around the pros and cons of the procedure, or procedures, you’re interested in, so now it’s time to decide who to trust with your medical and aesthetic care.

As with most purchases these days, there are reviews of plastic surgeons available online, so it is recommended to spend a decent amount of time reading around the surgery and the surgeon, to check whether other patients have been satisfied with their experiences.

Reading reviews of different surgeons before committing to one is excellent advice, as you will get an opportunity to read first-hand accounts of the aesthetic and pastoral abilities of the surgeon. This is a great way to put your mind at rest or to ensure that you are entering the process with your eyes open.

Professional standards in surgery

You might also want to check whether or not the surgeon you are considering is a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). This organisation is based at the Royal College of Surgeons and has been operational since 1982.

The official remit of the Association is that it was “established for the advancement of education in, and the practice of Aesthetic Surgery for public benefit”. Which essentially means that the Association works hard to develop and set professional standards in which the public can trust.

As part of this reassurance, members of the Association are also required to work in reputable hospitals and clinics, which should give the general public peace of mind in the surgeons they are choosing.

Impartial information

One of the roles of the BAAPS is to provide practical and impartial information about cosmetic surgery, and offering guidance to the general public. One their website you will find an extensive ‘FAQs’ section, which will help you navigate the common questions people have when deciding whether or not to undergo cosmetic surgery, and how to approach selecting a surgeon.

They also have a search facility while enables you to search for BAAPS-approved surgeons within the UK. The search function enables you to filter results by geography, and review the qualifications held by each surgeon. It will also give you a brief summary of their area(s) of specialism. It will also offer reassurance to know that the surgeon you are considering is BAAPS-approved. To be a member of the BAAPS, surgeons will have undergone many years of complex medical training, which currently involves six years of study and on-going assessment.

Ensuring you are choosing your surgeon from a reputable ‘pool’ of qualified professionals, coupled with the reassurance garnered from reading around the experiences of other patients, should help to give you confidence in the choices you are making.