Should I give up smoking before a rhinoplasty procedure?

Every plastic surgeon will have different rules pertaining to smoking and, in particular, how long you should give up for both before and after your rhinoplasty operation. A month both before and after is wise due to the impact that smoking has on the healing process of the body.

Smoking has such a damaging effect on the body because of nicotine. Nicotine causes the small blood vessels found all over the face and body to constrict and become narrower, meaning oxygen delivery is compromised. When you have a surgical procedure, an incision is made in the skin and there is trauma to the tissues of the face and body that require an immediate wound healing response. Delivering oxygen to these areas are key to healing, but smoking will limit the amount of oxygen that is supplied.

Why smoking and surgery shouldn’t be mixed

  • wound healing time is prolonged
  • higher chance of developing infections
  • more chance of anaesthetic-related complication during surgery
  • more likely to have problems with skin grafts healing
  • associated complications such as a chest infection post procedure
  • increased risk of blood clotting problems
  • scars more likely to heal badly
  • skin can even die, a process called necrosis

Your rhinoplasty consultation

During your consultation at Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Milton Keynes rhinoplasty clinic, he will cover in depth all the possible complications and risk of surgery. He will also give you comprehensive advice on how best to prepare for your operation and how to manage the recovery period.

The nose is no more at risk as such than other areas of the face or body, but it’s certainly a highly visible area to have operated on, so any healing problems will also be equally noticeable. If you’re investing the time and money required for a rhinoplasty procedure, then giving up smoking is a small price to pay.