Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

For many women large breasts are uncomfortable and can cause physical discomfort as well as having a psychological bearing, affecting their confidence and self-esteem. Breast reduction surgery can alleviate neck, back and shoulder pain commonly associated with large breasts. The relief of both physical and psychological symptoms can result in a marked improvement of quality of life following breast reduction surgery. The main aim of the surgery is to reduce the size and weight of the breast, however cosmetic enhancement to fashion a normal shape is equally as important. If breast sizes differ then breast reduction surgery can help to equalise the breasts, providing a more symmetrical appearance.

What are the benefits?

Breast Reduction surgery, of all the cosmetic surgical procedures has one of the highest satisfaction rates due to the fact that many women who have been burdened with the effects of large and heavy breasts feel liberated following their surgery. They discover that they are able to do things that were difficult or uncomfortable prior to surgery and they can wear the clothes which had previously eluded them. In many ways these women feel they have been given a new lease of life as their confidence has been boosted having a very positive impact on them.

The procedure

Breast reduction surgery involves removing breast tissue, fat and skin in order to reduce the size and weight of the breast to achieve a more proportionate shape and size. During the operation, the nipples are preserved on a stalk of breast tissue and repositioned, moving them to a new higher position, which is usually positioned in line with the middle part of your upper arm. Your scar line is situated around the nipple and extends vertically downwards to the under-breast crease. Finally some tape, and a light dressing is applied over all suture lines. The sutures are of the dissolving kind and will not need to be removed. Following your surgery, as with all breast procedures, you will be asked to wear a support bra. On discharge from the hospital you will be given a post-operative wound check appointment, when your wound will be inspected and cleaned.

How long does the operation take?

Breast Reduction Surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic and takes pproximately 2 – 2½ hours.

How long do I stay in hospital?

You are booked into hospital for a 2 night stay.

What can I expect afterwards?

Following your surgery you breasts may feel quite firm and taut, particularly along the edges of the incision site. This is perfectly normal and all part of the healing process. You may also experience changes in nipple and breast sensation; this is as a result of surgical trauma to the nerves in the region. Although this usually recovers in a few months, but in some rare cases sensation is lost entirely. It is also quite normal for one breast to settle before the other.

What are the long term results?

Following breast reduction you can expect your breasts to droop less and not feel as heavy. It is important to note that your new breast may take up to six months for everything to settle. This procedure can give you many years of firmer breasts, but it is important to remember that your breast won’t keep firm forever as time, age, weight gain and ultimately gravity will always win out.

What are the risks?

With any surgical procedure there are always associated risks. However, if your surgery is undertaken by a qualified plastic surgeon the risks are reduced, nonetheless, specific complications may occur. Such as the risk of infection which is reduced by taking preventative measures such as administering antibiotics both at the time of and following your surgery. However despite these measures mild infection is relatively common and can occur around the incision site, but usually subsides over a period of about 2 weeks.

Very rarely, increased bleeding occurs which can lead to more significant swelling and the development of a haematoma (a collection of blood under the skin). Were this were to happen, surgical drainage to evacuate this would be required. Ultimately this should not affect the final outcome.

The consultation

It is important for you to examine the reasons for undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure as it is unlikely to resolve any life issues you may have. Having surgery for someone else is not the basis from which to make a decision. Cosmetic surgery will certainly boost your self esteem but you do need to be realistic about your expectations. Our aim is to fully understand your concerns and desires before agreeing on a treatment plan which is in your best interest. At consultation your consultant surgeon will explain your treatment fully including any potential risks and complications. Your surgeon will also advise you on the most appropriate procedure for you and will also explain all aspects of your post-operative care.

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