Burn Reconstruction

Types of Burn Surgery

Management of burns are essentially divided into:

Management of the acute injury
Post burn reconstructive surgery
Acute burn injuries are managed by various burn providers in the UK.

We are able to provide private burn injury care , as a private patient. Please get in touch with our office for details of care.

Burn Reconstruction

Mr Sudip J Ghosh MBBS, MS, FRCS(Plast)Eng

Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Burn Surgeon at Stoke Mandeville Hospital NHS Trust

Mr Sudip J Ghosh is one of the United Kingdom’s leading burn surgeons.

He is a member of the British Burn Association, The European Burn Association, The British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and The British Medical Association.

Sudip now works with a dynamic multidisciplinary team including specialist burns nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dietecians, clinical psychologists, outreach nurses, anesthesiologists, intensevists and social workers.

Sudip has presented his work extensively, is the author of several articles, books and is a teacher at several national and international meetings.

He offers the whole range of Burn Reconstructions, including

Excision and grafting
Management of burn scars including scar hypertrohy and keloidal scars
Full thickness skin grafting
Tissue expansion for resurfacing burn scars and dealing with hair loss secondary to burns
Release of burn contractures
Z Plasty
Local , distant and perforator flaps
The use of skin substitutes such as Integra and Matriderm

Skin Substitutes

Mr Ghosh has extensive experience with skin substitutes, being involved with their use from their introduction to the UK from the mid to late nineties.

He specializes with the use of Integra and Matriderm.

Integra is a bilaminar dermal regeneration template made with bovine collagen and shark cartilage. It is commonly used as a two stage dermal substitute. Used both in acute burns and burn reconstruction.

Matriderm is an artificial dermal template made up of bovine collagen. It is usually used as a one stage matrix, It is specially indicated in small to medium acute burns and also in burn reconstruction.

Burn Reconstruction is a very specialized field and is very individualized. A consultation with Sudip emphasizes the avalaible options, and more importantly correlates this with the patients needs functional, psychological and cosmetic.