Male Hypospadias

Male hypospadias

As well as for boys it is common for adults to seek treatment for male hypospadias which was previously undiagnosed or untreated. Our expert surgeons offer surgery treatments for male hypospadias at our UK clinical centres in the South of England and the Midlands.

Male hypospadias explained

Hypospadias is a congenital birth defect of the urethra in the male affecting the penis. It means the opening of the penis is not at the tip and the foreskin is collected at the back with none of the foreskin at the front. It can also mean the penis becomes bent when stiff. It affects approximately one in 300 boys and can be unsettling for a number of reasons, especially if allowed to go untreated.

Male hypospadias surgery

Male hypospadias surgery treatment will depend on the exact nature of the individual circumstances. Typically though your cosmetic surgeon will be required to fix downward curving of the penis, reconstruct the urethra and opening and improve the cosmetic appearance of the penis.

Male hypospadias issues

The condition causes distress in many cases due to an inability to direct urine effectively and it can cause problems such as forcing men to urinate sitting or in other uncomfortable positions. If left untreated it can affect fertility and have an impact on erections, even preventing intercourse. Subsequently male hypospadias can cause emotional distress.

Expert consultation

An examination and thorough consultation is required, where you will be able to discuss any issues connected with male hypospadias.

This is vital because you must seek proper clinical advice before deciding on male hypospadias treatment. As well as possible treatment your cosmetic surgeon will also advise you on the risks associated with the procedure, which you need to be made aware of.

Male hypospadias surgery explained

Usually one operation is required for male hypospadias although sometimes another is necessary. The surgery treatment is usually performed under a general anaesthetic. Male hypospadias surgery lasts between one and three hours, depending on the individual circumstances.

Male hypospadias procedure

The procedure involves the surgeon using skin on the penis to make a tube along the urethra with a new hole fashioned at the end of the penis. The exact nature of the procedure will depend on your unique situation. Your experienced surgeon will advise you thoroughly and also make you aware of any of the slight risks involved.

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Cosmetic surgery treatments are available to correct penis shape and reposition the opening of the urethra caused by male hypospadias. If you would like to find out more about these treatments by speaking to one of our senior cosmetic surgeons, Mr Alan Park or Mr Sudip Ghosh, then please contact us.