Top 4 ways to reduce cosmetic surgery day nerves

As the day of your cosmetic surgery approaches, you are probably excited about both the aesthetic results and a welcome boost to your confidence. But you are less likely to be looking forward to the day of surgery itself; in fact, the thought of it may be turning you to jelly. Here are some tips to help you through:

1. Be clear about what is going to happen.

Uncertainty adds more stress to any situation. Have the procedure clear in your mind: how will you get to the hospital? What will the surgeon do? What can you expect to feel when you wake up? During your Coventry cosmetic surgery consultation, you should feel able to ask as many questions as you need about the process. Mr Alan Park operates in Coventry’s top private hospitals where you will receive the very best care, but knowing what to expect in advance will help with the nerves.

2. Organise your recovery period.

Making arrangements will not only be useful but it will give you something practical to do to take your mind off your anxieties. After your cosmetic surgery you will not feel like doing much. Fill your freezer with nutritious ready meals, and your fridge with healthy comfort food. Stock up on magazines and DVDs and organise cover for your commitments.

3. Make a plan for the day before.

Your surgeon may advise you to do certain things the day before, such as washing your hair. Make time for these and for packing your hospital bag, but also arrange to meet a friend or watch a film to stop you dwelling on the next day.

4. Relax.

Plan some pampering time, talk about happy things with friends, take a long walk. Give yourself space to prepare and your cosmetic surgery journey will be a smooth and rewarding experience.