Top 5 practical cosmetic surgery tips

So you’ve planned your cosmetic surgery with your surgeon, and now you are itching to get on with it and are eager to enjoy the results. You do, however, still have the surgery to go through. If you have chosen an experienced and reputable clinic, you should be guided carefully through the process, being fully informed and cared for along the way. But as good as the clinic may be, it is you that is going through it and your body that needs to recover – so here are five things you can do to help yourself.

  1. Get match fit. Your cosmetic surgeon, Mr Alan Park, will explain that being at or near to your ideal weight at the time of surgery will produce the best results. Moreover, being in good physical and mental shape will help you cope with the surgery, so eat well, get active, and de-stress in preparation.
  2. Plan ahead. Recognise that you won’t feel like doing anything for several days after your surgery. Clear the diary, ask for help with the children or the dogs, fill your freezer with nutritious meals and your fridge with healthy treats.
  3. Practical packing. After your surgery, you will probably feel groggy and tender. Take sensible clothes to the hospital: baggy, easy to pull on trousers, and button-up shirts that you don’t have to pull them over your head.
  4. Arrange an escort. You will need someone to drive you home, or to sit in a taxi with you, after your cosmetic surgery. It will also be of comfort having them to stay with you for that first night home.
  5. Rest up. Sleep helps with the healing process, as does taking it easy. Before your cosmetic surgery, create a haven of recovery at home, stockpiling box sets, magazines and books – anything that will discourage you from racing headlong back into your busy daily life.