What can I do to preserve the results of my cosmetic surgery?

When you have invested in cosmetic surgery – physically, emotionally and financially – the last thing you want is for the improvements to be short-lived. At their cosmetic surgery consultation, prospective patients frequently ask what they can do to make the results last for as long as possible. Here are four tips from Coventry cosmetic surgeon Mr Alan Park:

1. Maintain a steady weight.

Fluctuations in weight are the biggest culprit in shortening the life span of cosmetic improvements. As we age, the elasticity in our skin decreases so it can’t repeatedly bounce back from being stretched and then shrunk. The tauter and defined lines that were achieved through cosmetic surgery will be undermined by changes in your weight.

2. Make sensible lifestyle choices.

While cosmetic surgery may turn back the clock, it does not stop it. We all age, and will continue to do so at the same rate whether we have had cosmetic surgery or not. The key is to look after yourself by being aware of the ageing effects that sun, alcohol, and smoking have on your skin.

3. Say goodbye to the cigarettes.

If you are a smoker, there are so many reasons to quit when you have cosmetic surgery, including: nicotine in the bloodstream can cause complications with anaesthetic; it impedes effective scar healing; it doubles the risk of capsular contracture after breast augmentation; it ages the skin.

4. Follow your surgeon’s aftercare advice.

When you are discharged from hospital after your cosmetic surgery, you will be given comprehensive instructions on aftercare. These will include guidance on wearing compression garments, incision wound care, taking proper time out, and what activities to avoid and for how long. By following your surgeon’s advice, you give your body the best chance of a achieving the optimal results – and ones that will last longer.