What do I need to avoid after my breast augmentation?

After your breast augmentation, Mr Sudip Ghosh will send you home with comprehensive aftercare instructions. These will include advice on when you can resume your exercise regime, the importance of taking it easy, and the recommendation that you wear a special compression garment to support the healing process while optimising the aesthetic results. There are certain things you should avoid during your recovery, including:

Recovering from a breast augmentation:

  1. Smoking.You will have been advised to quit smoking in the lead up to surgery as nicotine in the bloodstream can cause complications when under general anaesthetic. After surgery, it can slow down healing by constricting the blood vessels, thereby impairing the delivery of oxygen to the incision wound. Avoiding cigarettes allows more efficient healing.
  2. Lifting heavy objects. If you have young children, you will need help at home – even the most compliant child doesn’t always understand that you really can’t pick them up. Most women take a week or two off work after their breast augmentation; if you have a manual job, you will certainly need this. During your breast augmentation consultation, Mr Sudip Ghosh will give you a clear idea of how soon you can resume physical activity, which movements put more strain on your chest muscles and for how long excessive stretching should be avoided; he will also give you practical advice relevant to your individual case before you are sent home from hospital.
  3. Raising your blood pressure. The general guidance for breast augmentation downtime is to allow a fortnight before resuming most normal activities. Your surgeon will advise you to avoid anything that significantly increases your blood pressure – exercise or sex, for example – as that increases the risk of blood collection (haematoma) around the implant.