What is the best age for a facelift?

The right age for a facelift is an interesting question. Many patients that see plastic surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh at his Milton Keynes cosmetic surgery practice ask whether they are suitable for a facelift and age is not the most important factor that he takes into account, but rather your individual ageing concerns and what they are hoping to achieve.

As we age, we see a number of ageing changes occur in the face. This includes a loss of volume in the mid-face that causes the cheeks to flatten, troughs underneath the eyes to form, folds to develop around the mouth and nose and a loss of definition in the jawline. Lines and wrinkles can be a result of dynamic wrinkles, caused by the contraction of muscles underneath the skin and mainly sited in the upper third of the face or deterioration in the skin as a result of sun damage or thinning of the skin as collagen and elastin levels deplete.

Is a facelift or a non-surgical procedure my best option?

We start to see these ageing changes in our late thirties, as a rule, and throughout our 40s and 50s they will worsen as skin elasticity and volume loss continues to deteriorate. Some of this ageing concerns can be tackled with a surgical facelift and some will benefit from non-surgical procedures such as temporary dermal fillers or Botox. If there is still a good degree of skin elasticity, then these non-surgical procedures will often produce a better result, without many of the potential complications and risks associated with a surgical procedure.

However, if skin elasticity has deteriorated then non-surgical procedures will only achieve a degree of rejuvenation and a facelift is usually a more appropriate option.

Age shouldn’t be a barrier to any form of cosmetic surgery. As Mr Sudip Ghosh explains to his Buckinghamshire facelift patients, if you are fit and well then a facelift can be performed well into your 60s.

A plastic surgeon such as Mr Ghosh who offers both non-surgical and surgical treatments, either as standalone or combination procedures, will be able to advise you which is the best option to suit your needs and budget.