Which is the best breast implant to choose?

Breast implant choice is a key part of the breast augmentation procedure planning and this will be discussed in depth at your consultation with your plastic surgeon. Breast implants can come in a number of different sizes and shapes.

Breast implant size

Implants are measured in cc’s or cubic centimetres which can be confusing to potential patients as these do not directly relate to bra cup sizes. However, as Warwickshire-based plastic surgeon Mr Alan Park explains to his breast augmentation patients, cup sizes can vary drastically from shop to shop, so do not become fixated about being a particular cup size after your procedure.

Focus on what you are hoping to achieve in terms of size and shape and communicate this clearly to your plastic surgeon. At your consultation, they will perform a thorough physical examination, that will take into account your frame and existing breast tissue and that, combined with the results you’re hoping to achieve, will allow your surgeon to advise you on what size implant will best realise your expectations.

Breast implant profile

Breast implants also come in different profiles. Profile relates to how far the implant projects from its base, so a high profile implant will project further than a lower profile implant.

Breast implant shape

There are two different breast implant shapes to consider. Round implants tend to create a rounder contour in the upper pole of the breasts. Tear drop shaped implants tend to create a more realistic breast shape as they are thinner at the top and slope to a rounded bottom, much like a natural breast. Again, your physical dimensions and the results you would like to achieve can help dictate which breast implant shape is best suited to you.

There are many other factors that Mr Alan Park takes into account when planning your breast augmentation procedure, including implant placement. He will discuss this with you in full at your Warwickshire breast augmentation consultation and together you can decide on which is the best implant for you.