Which is the right tummy tuck for me?

The tummy tuck is a procedure that removes loose skin on the abdomen as well as removing excess fat and tightening the abdominal muscles. At Just Cosmetic Surgery, we find the tummy tuck, known medically as the abdominoplasty very popular with both men and women and often combine it with liposuction to achieve the optimum result.

Although there is much information about the tummy tuck available on the internet, Mr Sudip Ghosh finds that many patients that attend his Milton Keynes tummy tuck consultations are unaware that there are actually three distinct tummy tuck procedures. At your consultation, he will fully assess you and will then be able to advise you on which is the most suitable abdominoplasty variation for you.

The standard tummy tuck

The standard tummy tuck is suitable for men and women who may have lost a lot of weight or undergone multiple pregnancies and therefore have a degree of loose skin present. The abdominal muscles may have also become weak and separated – a common side effect of pregnancy – and therefore it is not possible to tone up with exercise alone.

During the conventional tummy tuck procedure, Mr Sudip Ghosh will make an incision across the width of the abdomen, positioned just above the pubic bone. He will then be able to access to the top of the abdominal wall, stitching the abdominal muscles back into place. He often combines this procedure with liposuction for his Milton Keynes patients to remove any excess pockets of fat.

Then, he will remove any excess skin to create a tighter contour, repositioning the belly button if necessary. The standard tummy tuck involves a general anaesthetic and you’ll usually stay in hospital overnight. The recovery time can last up to four weeks but Mr Ghosh will give you comprehensive instructions.

The mini-tummy tuck

The mini-tummy tuck varies from the standard tummy tuck because it involves a much shorter incision and focuses solely on the area below the belly button. This is aimed at tightening up abdominal muscles and removing any loose skin that is present on the lower abdomen and it is very popular with female patients who may be slim and toned elsewhere but find that area impossible to tone up after they’ve undergone pregnancy.

As the incision is shorter and the targeted area is smaller, recovery from a mini-tummy tuck is much quicker.

The extended tummy tuck

For those patients that have lost a lot of weight, they often find that the loose skin extends onto the hips and the lower back. During an extended tummy tuck, Mr Ghosh will carry on the incision around onto the lower back and remove that excess skin, pulling it tight for the best contour. He usually combines this procedure with liposuction to achieve the best results for his Buckinghamshire extended tummy tuck patients.

For more information on all your tummy tuck options, book a consultation with Mr Sudip Ghosh at Just Cosmetic Surgery by calling calling 0845 304 7083.