Why is breast augmentation surgery so popular?

As 2015 gets underway, we’re taking a more in-depth look at the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures of last year or those which saw increased interest at Just Cosmetic Surgery. These cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures aren’t ‘new’, but are tried-and-tested operations that can provide fantastic results and great patient satisfaction.

The first procedures we’re going to focus on is breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation, also known as breast enhancement, breast implant surgery or, more commonly, the ‘boob job’, is the most popular elective aesthetic surgery procedure in the UK and, indeed, worldwide.

Breast augmentation: Am I suitable?

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Sudip Ghosh has operated on women of all ages at his Buckinghamshire cosmetic surgery practice. However, there are two definite groups of women that elect to undergo a breast augmentation.

The first are younger women – in their late teens or early twenties – who have always been dissatisfied with the extent that their breasts have developed. The second group is slightly older women, often in their thirties, who have seen changes to their breasts over the years. This can either be as a result of pregnancy, breast feeding or fluctuations in their weight. Milton Keynes-based surgeon Mr Ghosh often sees these women at his breast augmentation consultations complaining that they have lost volume in the upper part of their breasts which has had a negative effect on their cleavage.

Breast augmentation: What to expect?

During your consultations with Mr Ghosh you will have discussed in depth the pros and cons of the breast augmentation procedure and he will have carefully explained the possible risks and side effects before you’ve made the decision to go ahead.

Also during the consultation, you will have discussed the result you’re hoping to achieve and this will inform your choice of implant, as there is a wide range of size, shapes and projections to choose from.

Breast augmentation: What are the potential risks?

Any surgical procedure that involves an incision and is performed under a general anaesthetic has a number of possible risks which include reaction to the anaesthetic, infection, loss of sensation, blood clots or bleeding.

The breast augmentation procedures itself has a number of further possible side effects which relate mainly to the insertion of an implant. To find out more about the breast augmentation procedure, book a consultation at one of Mr Sudip Ghosh’s Buckinghamshire clinics by calling 0845 304 7083.