Why is the cosmetic surgery consultation so important?

The consultation is probably the most important stage in your cosmetic surgery journey. The aim is for you, the patient, to find a cosmetic surgeon with all the necessary qualifications and experience in your particular procedure, who fully understands exactly what you are hoping to achieve.

The cosmetic surgery consultation is also the opportunity for the surgeon to assess your motivations and expectations. Leamington-based plastic surgeon Mr Alan Park always ensures that his patients have realistic expectations to avoid any long-term disappointment or distress.

How should I prepare for my cosmetic surgery consultation?

First, ask yourself exactly why you want the procedure. If it a feature of the face or body that has been a cause for concern for many years and you have thought long and hard about what you want to correct then it would be very wise to have a cosmetic surgery consultation to discuss whether it is possible to achieve the results you want.

However, if you are planning an aesthetic procedure because you are under pressure from a partner, friend or family member then you are not doing it for the right reason. Similarly, if you have just been through a life-changing event such as divorce, death or loss of employment, then Mr Alan Park will usually advise you to take some time to think about your decision before deciding to go ahead.

The chance to ask important questions

A cosmetic surgery procedure can bring many benefits, but it also has inherent risks and it is crucial that you are fully aware of them before you proceed.

Check their credentials and ask how much experience they have in a particular procedure. It should be one that they perform regularly rather than once or twice a year. Also ask to see before and afters of similar procedure. Every patient is different but you will be able to get a clear idea of what they can achieve and the work they produce.

In his Leamington cosmetic surgery consultations, Mr Alan Park is always happy if you wish to bring a friend, partner or relative with you, to ensure that you cover everything you wanted to ask. He is also happy to provide a follow-on consultation if you have further questions.