Will pregnancy ruin the results of my breast augmentation?

With any cosmetic surgery procedure, one of the key questions patients want to know is how long the newly created look will last for. Depending on the type of operation and the age of the person having it, some procedures will last for many years while others will be relatively short lived. One common question of younger women who have had breast augmentation surgery, is what will happen to their cosmetic breasts if they fall pregnant after the treatment?

The truth is that the implants themselves will not be affected at all my pregnancy – although your natural breasts will change size and shape through the different stages of pregnancy the early stages of motherhood. Sometimes the natural flux of your breasts through the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy mean that further surgery is required further down the line, to adjust your implants to your post-pregnancy figure.

What can I expect?

What will happen with your breasts during pregnancy is predictable – they tend to become larger during initial 9 months and when breastfeeding. Once you have stopped breastfeeding then generally they will become smaller, sometimes (if weight has been gained during pregnancy) they remain larger, and occasionally they will go back to be just the same as before you fell pregnant. But everyone is different, so it is not easy to predict.

If you have had implants inserted before surgery, they tend to remain static throughout these changes, and with natural changes to the skin around the breasts, it may be that an uplift or adjustment of the implant is required. This can be done with relative ease once your body has had time to recover from childbirth.

Timing of my breast augmentation is important

For cosmetic surgeons like Mr Sudip Ghosh who has been performing breast augmentation surgery for women of all ages at his Milton Keynes breast augmentation clinic, the advice would be: if you are planning on getting pregnant soon, it is best wait until you have had children before exploring your surgical options. Having a breast augmentation is perfectly safe to do before you have children; the things to weigh up are purely aesthetic considerations.

If you believe that falling pregnant is something you may consider further ahead in the future, and you feel that breast augmentation will improve your confidence or quality of life, book an appointment to talk through your options with Mr Ghosh, and he will be able to advise on all available options and help you make the decision that is right for you.